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What's this "Succulent Sustainability" about?

Succulent * Sustainable * Renewable

Founded in 2005 by siblings, Matt McShane and Monica McShane Fahey, The Great Wicomico Oyster Company is one of the most unique oyster farms in the Chesapeake Bay.


We are the only oyster farm in Virginia focused on sustainability in both our oysters and our equipment. While we strike and raise triploid oysters for summer harvest, (non-breeding and most common among oyster farmers), we also strike and raise diploid (breeding oysters) which release millions of baby oysters into the Chesapeake Bay every year.

Green Oysters?! (Ewww - no Ham!?)

Our oyster barges and land equipment run on 100% biodiesel or electric power. Our biodiesel is made from used fryer oil, collected from local restaurants. We thereby remove waste and replace fossil fuel use! The result? A negative carbon much greener can it get?

Oysters being sorted
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