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Meet Our Oysters

OMG! - These oysters are “Heaven on the Half Shell”!  A fairly salty oyster with a smooth, buttery finish, they’ll  have your mouth singing Oh my Gosh! Oh my Golly! Oh my Goodness! Oh my Gawd!

Sweet Petite Oysters - Delicate young oysters wee bit under three inches raised in fresher waters with lower salinity to reveal the sweet taste of the oyster.

Barrett Cove Oysters– Aquaculture raised in our own patented cages, these are mid salinity oysters with a mild buttery finish with a hint of lettuce.  We’ve raised these oysters from barely visible larvae to the fine product you serve in your establishment today.

Great Rapp Oysters – Great Wicomico born/Rappahannock raised oysters for the taste of the Rappahannock in a deep and rounded shell.


Double Dee Brand Oysters- the name says it all – Deep cupped and Delicious meat with full body.  Over three inches, these oysters have a mid to upper salinity with buttery finish and savory minerality


Wild Wicomico Oysters– Our bottom cultured natural oyster.  Larger and available during the traditional oyster season, these oysters are not only great on the half shell but well suited for wood fired or traditional oven cooking.  (in season only)

Oysters on the half shell
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